A key indicator of our success is the growing number of successfully closed deals thanks to an impeccable telephony. In other words, your result is our result.


120'minutes is real telecommunication lab

We are engaged in alchemy of communication, we invent and implement new services for call centers, oriented to effective sales.

About us
A key indicator of our success is the growing number of successfully closed deals thanks to an impeccable telephony. In other words, your result is our result.


ASR above 60% and more than five minutes ACD

Finally, we have an operator which has been providing, for more than a year, a stable route with mobile numbers in Poland

Within 3 hours

After a sharp increase of call charges to Switzerland, 120'minutes managers came up with a new route with the acceptable parameters and reasonable price

Less than 5 minutes

The 120'minutes support service usually responds in less than 5 minutes. As though we had a dedicated own engineer processing our tasks exclusively

By 15%

The average success rate of calls (ASR) has increased by 15% since implementation of the 120'minutes solutions

DTMF without cases of FAS

120'minutes demonstrates outstanding reliability with regards to the Baltic and Poland routes: stable transmission of caller ID, fax

Less than 1 hour

Negotiations and contract sign-off took us about 2 hours. Technical integration and testing took less than 1 hour

Less than 30 minutes

The entire procedure of the direct Poland phone number set-up took us less than 30 minutes, including testing

By 10%

The number of connection losses during calls was reduced by 10 percent

The effective connection formula of 120'minutes:

Our lab studies helped us create our own connection formula.The effective connection formula of 120'minutes is the sum of three factors:

Automatic backup technologies are considered the gold standard in the 120'minutes work. We duplicate all components and connections. In case of emergency, the fallback resources are activated automatically in 30 seconds


We use up-to-date preventive measures. Our self-learning system allows for the monitoring of the signs of failures and helps us prevent potential problems


Instant reaction and feedback. We typically respond to the client’s message in 3 minutes. The response time does not exceed 15 minutes during working hours


We are in this business since 2013. And here is what so important for us:

Not a single client has left 120'minutes in seven years!

Poland and Baltics

A steady increase in the volume of client deposits by 10% in Poland and Baltic states because of the increase of an Answer Seizure Ratio by 48% and an average call duration to 3 minutes.



The company performing phone calls to recipients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore reported an $108,000 per month increase in sales because of ASR increase by almost 30%.



A 20% increase in the volume of client deposits from Germany after a two-week call campaign, as a result of a 20% reduction of calls going to voicemail and answering machines.


Our services
and solutions

Our services and solutions have proven their reliability and effectiveness in hundreds or even thousands of cases. They can be called real catalysts of our effective connection formula. Here are just a few of them:

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HLR lookups

Status verification of the phone numbers selected for dialing

Predictive Dialers Optimizer

Efficient distribution of calls from predictive dialers of a client to special routes

DID Replacer

Number ranges for 50 countries allow for necessary number change in a shortest possible time


A solution for automatically detecting answering machines to increase dialing efficiency


For expensive and confidential calls with VIP clients, we offer a solution of voice and signaling encryption: TLS + SRTP with AES-CM-128 and 80-bit HMAC-SHA1 profiles, as well as AES-CM-256 and 32-bit HMAC-SHA1


A solution for bulk SMS campaigns with broad functionality

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